Wallpaper Trends for 2017

Pantone has declared the colour of the year 2017 and it is Green!

The selection of this colour for the year 2017 represents the need of modern society to reinvigorate amidst all the hustle. Green is an omnipresent neutral hue across the globe and is symbolic of the increasingly popular trend of going-back-to-basic.

The 2017 wallpaper trends are in harmony with the nature-centric colour trend for the year.

1. Nature Inspired Wallpaper Designs

Large-scale patterns and big and bold designs with nature themes like Tropical leaves, flowers, leaf branches, etc. in bright colours, light paint finish, etc. are preferred to light up the space. All nature-themed wallpapers are playful and fun and give an energy boost to the the environment

2. Wallpaper in Corporate or Commercial Setting

The corporate is leaning more towards making the workplace a memorable experience for not only the clients and visitors, but also for the employees. The focus is more towards making the workplace energetic and engaging by making the workplace interesting. The most preferred patterns in this trend are the faux finish wallpapers with raw and rustic patterns like running marsala brick wall, concrete, vintage wood as well as abstract metallic patterns.

3. Natural Material for Wallpapers

Going-back-to-nature continues to be the theme for decoration; especially with wallpaper. The focus this year is not only on the nature-inspired patterns and designs but also on the use of natural materials for wallpaper options. Grasscloth wallpapers, jute weave wallpapers, woven hand made paper, etc. are

4. Metal finish Wallpapers

Metallic finish wallpapers in gold and silver tones are in thing. Wallpapers featuring metallic embellishments, and subtle shimmering effect are a trend to follow to give a glamorous feel to the walls.

For all those who want to follow the trend but feel that metallic finish isn’t their thing… wallpapers with silver and gold colour scheme featuring less of metallic shine is recommended

5. Large-scale Wallpaper Murals

Wallpaper murals are super trendy and creative. Murals can be customised to fit the walls and the images used voice out the personality of an individual. This will increasingly foster the trend of customisation! Faux finish murals and wallpapers with nature-based themes (wood, flowers, forests, etc.) are easy options to choose from.

6. Impressive Feature Wall

Feature walls automatically garners attention because the other walls are meant to highlight the main (or “featured”) one. 2017 will see a continuity of this trend with a twist of brighter and bolder patterns on the feature walls.

2017 will see the trend of feature walls moving on from being the most attractive thing in the living room to becoming the mood setting thing in the bedrooms as well.


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