How Feature Walls can steal the show for you!

Our this blog post is, very much in line with the essence of our most blog posts. Customary to Indian culture, our festivals play a very pivotal role in the renovation of our homes.

One of the trends that caught on and stayed with our Indian homes is that of having a feature wall in our sitting area. So special attention is paid to the detailing on the feature wall. Although the decoration on the walls may change from time to time, the wall itself is done only once or twice a year. In this post, we bring to you a couple of ways in which your feature wall can bring you in spotlight this season.

  1. Wallpaper: We just love how wallpapers serve as a affordable, easy-to-use and quick solution to all wall woes.90fc5fcb9602cb30afc505e62d10595cWallpapers come with a variety of options and can really set the mood for your rooms.You can choose geometric themes, block patters, floral designs or even an abstract design; you can add an extra quirk and oomph to the room with a contrasting and eye catching wallpaper on the feature wall
  2. Wooden Flooring on Wall: With the interiors leaning more towards natural and earthy themes, using wooden flooring as an option to do up your feature wall will add a rustic essence to your rooms. b0ab766d7c56190e69a812b783d6884e.jpgThis option for doing up your walls is affordable, trendy and create a soothing visual statement.With varied options with finish and patterns to choose from, the design possibilities are unlimited
  3. Framed Upholstery Fabric on walls: While frames paintings and photos add a personal touch to the walls and the home decor as such, frames upholstery fabric can actually become a real head turner. These frames can be used individually or in sets to create an impact. The best part about choosing this option for your featured wall is that it goes well with both minimalist and extravagant accessorizing

We hope these quirky ideas will help you gear up better to give your home a whole new stylish feature wall to grab the spotlights and become the talk-of-the-town this season


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