Blinds or Curtains… Where to use what

If this festive season, you are thinking of redecoration, here are a few tips that you might want to consider. Just like wall paints, curtains and blinds can bring a whole new perspective to the room.

So when you hit that refresh button for your home, keep in mind the fact that curtains and blinds are important for any make-over. They change not only the look of your home but also the atmosphere of the room; they accentuate the colour of your walls and can also add a change to the temperature of the room.

In this blog post, we will be covering the basic areas that are common to all homes.

Living Area

Traditionally, in Indian culture, living area is the place in every Indian home where the guests are entertained. Therefore, typically, living area needs to have an aura that makes people feel welcome. While this is the place in the house that reflects largely the style and preferences of the owner of the house, this is also the place that creates an impression on others.

To give a more homely and relaxed atmosphere to the room while at the same time giving it a really nice and decorative look, we suggest curtains for this room.

Curtains are both more versatile and also come in wide variety of fabric choice. To add a more classic look to the living area, curtains can be used with pelmets


Kitchen is probably the one place in every house where the curtains stand through a real wear and tear. Most of all, curtains get really spoiled with the stains and the splashes that happen while cooking.

Therefore, for kitchens we suggest blinds.

To begin with, blinds are better for this area because they are much easier to clean. Also, since roller blinds can stay rolled up throughout the cooking, they are easier to be kept out of harm’s way. Not only this, they also give a great and neat look to the kitchen.


Bedroom is the place where privacy is of priority. Also, it serves as the crash pad for the people living in the house. The primary requirements that either a curtain or blinds are supposed to fulfill are that they need to offer relaxation and make the place look more spacious.

Either curtains or blinds can do the trick if placed properly. Placing the curtain or blind few inches below the ceiling such that the length of the curtain or blind covers the whole frame all the way to the floor creates an effect that make the ceiling look taller which creates an illusion the space is bigger.  The room also feels brighter.

So if you’re in doubt; go wide and high with either the curtains or the blinds and you’ll see the difference.


While blinds are great idea for windows, curtains are the ultimate solution for doors.

It is a great thing that curtains now come with options of drapes and sheer curtains. Given that us Indians do not have a very closed off culture and we like having guests (be it neighbours or relatives) at home.

Sheer curtains come in handy when you need to keep your doors open for light and breeze but you do not want to do it at the cost of your privacy.

Solid bright curtains can be used to make a decorative statement while ensuring that the other accessories are not demurred and at the same time maintaining your privacy.

The width of curtains you choose for your doors depends on the purpose of curtains and the look you are trying to achieve. If you want the look to be ample and need it to drape nicely when closed, we would suggest that you use a combined width that is 2 to 2½ times the width of the window. If you do not intend to shut the curtains and only want stationary panels to door frame, 1½ times the width is generally more than enough.


Image Courtesy: Pinterest



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