Colours of Season…!

Diwali…. otherwise known as the festival of lights is one occasion which is associated with re-doing the home decor and touching up the colours of your walls. So now that it is almost time to start budgeting for the hauling up… We though we would let you in on the colours that are making a statement this season:

  1. Pink: Wait! Before you decide on pink “not-being-your-colour”… This is the shade that you just can’t say a no to. This pink is a shade with just the right tinge of grey. And trust us… there is nothing “girly” about it!! You can use any shade from this palette2000px-Color_icon_pink_v2.svg
  2. Yellow: The shade of sun is always in vogue.Yellow being a warm colour, it gives a soothing feeling to the room and also envelops it in comfort. Yellow is the best shade to exhibit a fresh new start ! Any of these shades will work well because it goes with almost anything30ae2b8d75f884fc086891bd30cc7baf
  3. Green: The colour green by any other name is just as soothing and relaxing. Shades of green give a warm feeling to the room and give it a character. Green is the vibrant shade that transcends all trends bc59b03e698f499a658bd1f65b41e06a
  4. Teal: This is one versatile colour that really brings out the essence of the wooden furniture in the room. Given that Indian households take real pride in their wooden furniture, teal is the shade to go for! Teal spells serenity, calm and confidence7b3fe0e7eb1dec688d0a1ea794f25b86
  5. Orange: Dull and earthy shades of orange are the shade of the season. Not only do these shades make you room look neat and cosy, they also are the apt shade for festivities.Rich as this shade is, it gives a feel of luxury9736f7a4c411d4f784dd15b58237da84

So paint your rooms all shades of pink, yellow, green, teal and orange…. and remember..

“Life is about using the whole box of crayons!”


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